Scoutmaster's Corner

Scoutmaster's Corner

(The latest message from the Scoutmaster.)

November 14, 2018

Our service project for Natick senior citizens is back on for this Saturday. Our first stop is:

Ms. Pat Nikoloulias

8 Dwight Ave, Natick, MA


Needs her leaves raked and bagged. She is leaving leaf bags on top of the recycling bin. Has 2 extra rakes available if needed.

After we clean up her yard, we'll head over to:

Carolyn Stevens (neighbor to Troop Committee member Paul Guenthner)

10 Byron Rd, Natick, MA

I will pick up some leaf bags (unless Mike Landurand has an "in" on leaf bags at Home Depot)

If your parent has a pick up truck or trailer, and is willing to help haul leaves to the Natick Recycling Center, that would be terrific!