Scoutmaster's Corner

Scoutmaster's Corner

(The latest message from the Scoutmaster.)

January 22, 2019

Scouts & Parents:

2/8-10 Treasure Valley: We'll be heading to Treasure Valley Scout Reservation for our annual WEBELOS Invitational. Mark your calendar now and bring your permission slip and check/cash to our next meeting. The deadline for handing that in is the Monday, 2/4th meeting. New this year is a plan to have a fire building competition. Rocket launching, sledding, ice fishing (weather permitting) and campfire program will also be happening that weekend. Please note that there is no charge to WEBELOS and their parents. However, due to rising costs of cabin/campsites, equipment rentals, etc. we ask that adult leaders pay $15 towards the cost of the weekend. Permission slip is attached.

2/4 WEBELOS meeting visit - This is the meeting when we showcase our best Scout selves to prospective new Scouts. The Patrol Leader's Council met on 1/19 to plan this meeting to ensure a fun time for our young visitors. See your Patrol Leader for details. Note: Troop 1775 Scouts will be building rockets for the WEBELOS in advance of the trip; WEBELOS will be decorating their rockets at Treasure Valley (Alex: Please inform the Troop in advance when and where the rocket building will be taking place.)

2/16 8:30-12:30 Bottle & Can Fundraiser - Mark your calendars. Adults: Paul Guenthner wants to retire from running this fundraiser; we need a parent to step forward to run it. Bottle & Can Drives occur 3x per year and are significant fundraisers for the Troop. Contact Paul at for details.

3/8-10 Squanto camping trip

3/18 Court of Honor - Complete those advancements so we can award them to you!

Other notes:

  • Scouts should bring their Scout book to every meeting; without it, it is hard for them to advance.
  • Have an idea for a special speaker who can provide instruction on a Scout requirement? A special expert can make meetings more interesting. Let me know.

Lyman Jackson

Permission Slip - Treasure Valley 2019.pdf