Merit Badge Procedures

Troop 1775 Application for Merit Badge (aka Blue Card) Process

  1. BEFORE a Scout starts working on a Merit Badge, he should obtain a Blue Card from the Troop Advancement Coordinator. The Advancement Coordinator will also be able to help the Scout identify a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC). The Scout should fill out his Name, Address and City, check the Boy Scout checkbox, write the word “Troop” and Troop number “1775”, fill in “Metacomet” District and “Mayflower - 251” Council.
  2. BEFORE a Scout starts working on a Merit Badge, on the backside of the Blue Card, the Scout should fill in his name in two locations, the name of the Merit Badge he wants to take in three locations, and check the Troop checkbox and fill in “1775.”
  3. BEFORE a Scouts starts working on a Merit Badge, he should meet with the Scoutmaster to discuss the badge he would like to work on, who the MBC will be and then the Scoutmaster MUST sign the front of the Blue Card.
  4. BEFORE a Scout starts working on a Merit Badge, the Scout can now make arrangements to meet with a MBC to discuss working on the Merit Badge. The Scout should also ask the MBC to fill in his own name, address and phone number on the back of the Blue Card.
  5. NOW a Scout may begin working on the requirements of the Merit Badge, in coordination with and guided by his MBC. As each requirement is completed, the MBC should fill in the box on the front of the Blue Card, indicating the Requirement Number and Letter, the date completed, and initial it.
  6. Once all of the requirements for the Merit Badge are completed, the MBC should sign (in two locations) and date (in three locations) the back of the Blue Card. The MBC should then detach the “Counselor’s Record” section and retain for the MBC’s own records. The MBC can also add remarks if desired for his records.
  7. The Scout should now take the Blue Card back to the Scoutmaster for his approval and signature.
  8. The Scout should detach the “Applicant’s Record” section of the Blue Card and retain for his records. This is the ONLY proof the Scout will have that the Merit Badge has been completed. It is recommended that the Scout keep these in a safe place until he turns 18!
  9. The Scout should now turn the Blue Card in to the Advancement Coordinator, who will enter the completed Merit Badge into the BSA database and award the Merit Badge and certificate at the next Troop Court of Honor.


  • The infographic shows the process on an actual Blue Card, the numbers in YELLOW are for the Scout to fill out, the numbers in GREEN are for different Leaders to fill out, all numbers are coordinated with the steps listed above.
  • In the event that the Scout has a partially completed Merit Badge from summer camp, merit badge university or other event in which actual Blue Cards are not issued, the Advancement Coordinator will fill in the Requirement Number and Letter section (Step 5) for those parts that were partially completed. The remaining requirements are to be completed with another MBC following the procedures listed in Step 5 above. All other Steps listed above should also be followed.
  • In the event that a Scout must work with a MBC from outside the Troop, it is the Scout’s responsibility to make sure they get the “Application for Merit Badge” and “Applicant’s Record” sections back and signed and returned to the Troop.