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Holiday Fundraiser

posted Oct 23, 2013, 5:32 AM by Ronald Burke   [ updated Dec 14, 2015, 4:40 PM ]
Our Holiday Fundraiser is currently running NOW:

Sale Dates: October 19th - November 16th
Remember all Wreath and Candle Sale Counts are due at the Troop meeting on Monday November 18th!

Sale items:
Holiday Wreath
  -  Wreath size: 12" inside/15" outside diameter
  -  Double faced, perfect to fit on any door!
  -  Made from Balsam pine
  -  Includes a red velvet bow.
Cost:  $12.00

Chanukah Candles
  -  Each candle is handmade
  -  Candles are sized to fit most menorahs (9mm)
  -  They have lead-free wicks
  -  Candles burn for ~ 1 hour
  -  Each box contains 45 candles.
Cost:  $10.00 per box

Letter to Parents

Hello Parents of Scouts,

As you may know the 2015 Holiday sales event is on.  I would like to stress the importance of this sale.  

This is the only fundraiser that we ask you to go out and sell something. It is also our primary source of income for the troop. All the money goes directly to the troop. It helps us offset all the camping we do, buys our equipment, and allows scholarships to those who need them.  

We Pride ourselves for having a well equipped Troop and leaving no scout behind due to funding. I've been in scouting a very long time and can't stress how lucky this troop is to have a very good committee, leadership, equipment, and parent participation. I have friends in other towns, in other troops who are not so lucky.  

With that said, we really need a strong year in sales. The till is low and needs to be replenished.

Now is the time to get them out there and sell. Once your Scout makes a sale it's good to keep the sales sheet for next year. This way they can make much easier and quick sales for next year. More often than not the same people will buy a product from us.  

We really need each scout to step up and sell at lease 25-items. (Combine wreath, candles, donations). We found in the past that some scouts work very hard at sales, and some sell hardly anything. It's a team effort. When the whole team/troop participate, everyone wins. 

Thank You,
Kevin Goldsmith
Troop 1775 Scoutmaster

Scout Links:

Click HERE to get the Sales Flyer
Click HERE to get the Sale Tracking Spreadsheet

This is our troops primary fundraiser.  We need your help and support in order to raise enough funds to hit out goal!  These funds are used to pay for our troop trips, special events and awards.